11th Circuit Court

Scales of JusticeThe Circuit Court is called a trial court of general jurisdiction because it has jurisdiction over all actions except those given by state law to another court. In general, it has jurisdiction in civil cases involving more than $25,000; domestic relations cases (usually divorce); cases seeking equitable relief; felony criminal cases and some serious misdemeanors. The Court also has jurisdiction over appeals from district court, appeals from certain administrative agencies and superintending control over the Mackinac County District Court.

In January of 1998, the Michigan Legislature created the Family Division of Circuit Court. The Family Division of Circuit Court incorporates the family matters which were formerly assigned to the Probate Court, largely juvenile proceedings. The Family Division presides over all domestic relations matters and strives to accomplish the “one judge one family” goal of the Legislature. The county clerk serves as the clerk of the Family Division.

Circuit Court Divisions