Family Division of Circuit Court

Family Court


Hon. W. Clayton Graham- Probate & Family Division

Below is a list of contact numbers to call to discuss scheduling matters. We strongly encourage you to call BEFORE entering the building to determine if your business can be conducted by phone or email.

Mackinac Probate: 906-643-7303
Mackinac  Family Division: 906-643-7319/906-643-7320
Mackinac  Domestic Relations: 906-643-7305
Luce Probate: 906-293-5601
Luce Family Division: 906-293-5751
Luce Domestic Relations: 906-293-5521

If you are sick do not enter the building. If you are healthy and must enter, please practice good hygiene and social distancing. Please do not bring non-essential individuals into the building with you.


  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Parenting Time
  • Personal Protection Orders

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