Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Mackinac County partners with the Eastern U.P. Regional Planning & Development office in the development of its GIS. EUPRPDC provides support to County staff, maintains the County parcel dataset, and assists with data and maps requests.




Parcel costs are found in the Fee Schedule above. At current costs for parcels without and with owner information ($.25 and $.35 per parcel respectively), County-wide parcel datasets are $5,477 and $7,668 as of 4/1/15. This figure will be adjusted as the parcel layer is updated throughout the year.

Township Assessors can obtain GIS shapefiles of parcels and related parcel layers from EUP Planning for use within BS&A. Contact the Equalization Director for information.


Traditional tax maps are still available through the Equalization Dept for a fee. The fee schedule is $6.00 for the first letter size map and $2.00 for each additional map. Larger maps are $2.50 per square foot plus shipping.
Please call the Equalization Dept at 906-643-7310 for more information.

Fetch GIS – Web Mapper & Parcel Record Search

The Fetch GIS system is made of two components – web maps and parcel records. This Regional web map provides users with aerial imagery as well as a host of GIS layers including transportation, natural resources & recreation, census, and PLSS information for the EUP Region. Users can interact with and view all these layers free of charge. Also included in the web map is Mackinac County’s parcel layer – viewable and searchable for free.

To print/download a PDF map of any area within the EUP, or to view detailed parcel information in the Land Records Portal (currently only available in Mackinac County), users are required to pay a minimal transaction fee. Users can pay per-use, or sign up for an account and purchase credits for future transactions. Each transaction consumes a credit. For example, printing 5 PDF maps and viewing 10 detailed parcel records would consume 15 credits.

The costs for credits are as follows:

• 10 credits for $30 ($3/credit)
• 25 credits for $75 ($3/credit)
• 50 credits for $125 ($2.50/credit)
• 70 credits for $175 ($2.50/credit)
• 100 credits for $200 ($2/credit)

The intent of this fee-based online system is to make available land record information and property maps that were not readily

available together in the past. The fees collected from this system are re-invested into the Regional GIS system and will help improve the accuracy of property maps and information.