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4H Youth Development
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Catarina Edison, 4-H Program Coordinator

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4H Council

This Mackinac County 4-H Council was formed in the year 2006.  The primary mission of the 4-H Council is to assist local 4-H Clubs in organization, education, and limited financial support through the Easter Egg fundraiser.  Another mission of the 4-H Council is to assist the Youth Educator in creating more local Clubs, 4-H outreach opportunities, and in training volunteers.  There are a number of ongoing 4-H Clubs throughout Mackinac County in addition to the other programs the 4-H Council supports, namely:  Summer 4-H Camp at Cedar Campus, Super Saturday at Little Bear Arena, Exploration Days at MSU, the 4-H Peer Mentoring Program, and Capitol Experience in Lansing.

Council members are:
Paul Ramelis, Chairperson; Jane French, Vice Chairperson; Candy DeKeyser, Secretary; Sherri Wheeldon, Treasurer; George Ford, member; Mallory Ramelis, Teen Council Member; and Catarina Edison, 4-H Program Coordinator.

  • Super Saturday Planning (event is in May )
  • Annual Easter Fundraiser (we are looking at healthy alternatives to selling chocolate!)
  • 4-H Fun Day including member awards (mark your calendar for tentative August 9)
  • Displaying Mackinac Co. 4-H Welcome Signs at the County borders
  • How to host County-wide events and include all areas of the County (a perpetual problem!)
  • Volunteer Training updates and how to identify other volunteers and resource people

For more information on how the 4-H Council can assist you or your local 4-H Club, or if you would like to share some great ideas, please contact the MSU Extension office at 906-643-7307.